How to treat anemia using simple tips and tricks

Anemia is nothing but the deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid. Anemia is not a diseases but this condition lead a person to serious illness. Anemia occurs when you have the total RBC (Red Blood Cell) counts in blood usually found to be very less than normal. The main component of RBC is hemoglobin that responsible for carrying oxygen, vital nutrients to the every part of your body. Due to less amount of RBC in blood, body did not get the proper oxygen in every tissues and cells to work properly. A person have anemia is known to be an anemic. An anemic person constantly feel tired, fatigue and their skin become pale and dull.

There are 3 types of anemia. This three type are 1. Hemolytic anemia, 2. Sideroblastic anemia and 3. Iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is the common in Indian women for inadequate diet. However, another two types of anemia caused by malfunctioning of your body. This condition is required urgent medical supervision. If you have anemia then first check with your doctor and ensure with that which types of anemia you have.  Most cases of iron deficiency anemia are mild and don’t causes serious complication. Today- in this post, I will describe how to get rid of iron deficiency anemia and which precaution has taken to relive from this condition.

Before I processed with my home remedy of anemia, you should know how to detect a parson with anemia. The symptoms of anemia are often difficult to discover. These are the common symptoms patient experience is:

  1. Feeling tired and fatigue easily
  2. There is paleness of skin that is apparent in those are suffer from this condition
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Catch cold easily to the anemic patient.

When one is diagnosed with anemia, they can take some precautions that will aid them to overcome the diseases. Simply follow some home remedy to cover up the certain deficiencies will ensure that anemia is reduce and under in control.

Spinach: Spinach is a popular the leafy vegetable that help to preventing anemia. It is rich source of iron, vitamin B12, vitamin C, E, fiber and beta-carotene. One cup of spinach is similar to the 3.2GM of iron. So make a daily habit to consume spinach in your diet to recover the deficiency of iron in blood.

Beetroot –apple juice for anemia: Get about 1 cup apple juice, about 1 cup beetroot and 1-2 teaspoon honey. Mix apple juice with beetroot, add about 2-teaspoon honey and stir well to mix it in the juice. Have this juice twice a day.

Benefits: Apple is rich in iron and other healthy friendly components. Similarly, beetroot is also rich in folic acid, fiber and potassium. Its main nutrients parts are under the peel of it. So do not peel out.

Sesame Seeds to treat anemia: Sock about 1-teaspoon sesame seeds in water for 2 hour. Now strain and crush the seeds to make paste. Now add about 1-teaspoon honey and stir well for well mixing. Have this honey sesame seeds twice in day to recover the deficiency of iron in blood.

Benefits: Sesame seeds is another most popular and excellent ingredients to treat anemia. Especially black sesame seeds are rich natural source of iron.

Tomato to cure anemia: Eat 1-2 tomato everyday and you may take one glass of tomato juice. Add tomato in your regular dishes.

Benefits: Just having more iron is not sufficient to cure anemia. You should be able absorb the iron too. Tomato is rich in vitamin C and lycopene, which is require by your body to absorb the iron.

Pomegranate seeds: This is the super fruit. Have a medium size pomegranate in morning with empty stomach.

Benefits: It excellently increases hemoglobin in your blood. It has fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and sugar to. It also contains calcium and iron as well copper that help in health blood flow.

Raisins remedy to treat anemia:  Take 10-20 gram raisins in a container and sock raisins in water for overnight. In the morning, have them with honey.

Benefits: Raisins is rich in many vital nutrients like vitamin, minerals, protein, fiver and iron. 100gm raisins are similar to 1.88mg of iron.

Honey: Honey is full of iron, copper, manganese. It helps to increased Red blood Cells in blood and help in the production of hemoglobin in blood.

Bottle Gourd soup: Bottle gourd soup is rich in iron and folic acid that helps in increased the RBC in blood.

You should maintain a healthy diet chart to get rid of iron deficiency anemia.


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